Aligning teams with a 1-pager memo

ChatGPT Prompt

I'm a Product Manager planning to build a new mobile app that's like Uber for petrol. It helps busy people order fuel for their car on- demand and get a refill while they're at home or office. Write a 1-pager that I can share with my engineering & design team to explain the product vision & the product components that will most likely be involved.
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

Product Vision:

The mobile app, “FuelUp", is an on-demand fuel delivery service that aims to make refueling a car as convenient as possible for busy individuals. Users will be able to place an order for fuel through the app, and have it delivered to their location while they are at home or at the office.

Product Components:

  1. User account creation and login: Users will need to create an account in order to place orders and track their deliveries.
  2. Fuel ordering and delivery scheduling: Users will be able to place an order for fuel through the app and schedule a delivery time that works for them.
  3. Payment processing: The app will need to process payments for fuel orders.
  4. GPS integration: The app will need to use GPS to locate users and track deliveries.
  5. Push notifications: The app will need to send push notifications to users to confirm orders and update them on delivery status.
  6. Driver management and dispatching: The app will need to manage a fleet of drivers and dispatch them to deliver fuel to users.
  7. Fuel inventory management: The app will need to keep track of fuel inventory and alert users when a certain type of fuel is out of stock.