Drafting a Product Strategy based on a framework

ChatGPT Prompt

Gibson Biddle has a product strategy framework called the DHM Model. D stands for delight (how does the product delight customers and add real value), H stands for hard-tocopy (what is an advantage that your product has that is hard to copy and compete with) and M stands for marginenhancing (how will the product generate a profit and sustain the business). In short, the DHM model aims to answer: “How will your product delight customers, in hardto-copy, margin-enhancing ways?”. Now, act as a Product Manager for a web analytics tool like Google Analytics. Give me a product strategy for this product using Biddle's DHM model.
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

Our web analytics tool, similar to Google Analytics, will have three main goals in mind as outlined in the DHM model by Gibson Biddle:

D: Delight - We will aim to delight our customers by providing them with insights that they didn't know they needed, but will find valuable. For example, we will use machine learning to provide predictive insights, such as identifying which pages are likely to have high bounce rates, and suggesting ways to improve them.

H: Hard-to-copy - We will have a unique data collection method that will be hard for competitors to replicate. For example, we will use browser extensions to collect data from users, which will give us a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior on our customers’ websites.

M: Margin-enhancing - To ensure our product is margin-enhancing, we will offer a tiered pricing model, where the more advanced features will be available at a higher price point. Additionally, we will offer consulting services to help our customers make the most of the data our tool provides, which will provide an additional revenue stream.

Overall, our product strategy will focus on providing valuable insights, using a unique data collection method and generating revenue through advanced features and consulting services.