Generating Roadmap Ideas 1/2

ChatGPT Prompt

I’m working for a product that’s a direct competitor of Gong - the revenue intelligence tool. The product strategy is to become a data-driven sales insights platform by building a conversation bot on top of all the sales call recordings. This will allow sales managers to query the bot for information like “Who is closing the most this quarter and what insights can you give me from their calls?” or “Who is handling objections around [X] the best?”. Give me list of roadmap ideas aligned with this strategy.
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

Roadmap ideas:

  1. Develop a conversation bot that can transcribe and analyze sales call recordings. This will allow sales managers to query the bot for information about the calls, such as who is closing the most deals and how they are handling objections.
  2. Create a user-friendly interface for the conversation bot, allowing sales managers to easily access the information they need without having to navigate through complex menus.
  3. Implement natural language processing (NLP) to allow the conversation bot to understand and respond to more complex queries. This will make it easier for sales managers to ask for specific information.
  4. Build in analytics capabilities, such as the ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide insights on sales performance.
  5. Develop integrations with other sales tools, such as CRM systems, to allow for seamless data transfer and analysis.
  6. Create a feature for team collaboration, allowing sales managers to share insights and collaborate on deals.
  7. Develop a mobile application for the conversation bot, allowing sales reps to access insights and data on the go.
  8. Create an Al-powered coaching system that can provide real-time feedback.