Making Excuses

ChatGPT Prompt

Give me a bundle of 10 hilarious excuses that I could rotate in my emails to stakeholders explaining why a certain committed feature was delayed.
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

  1. "The development team was sidetracked by a particularly tricky bug that turned out to be a shape-shifting creature from another dimension."
  2. "We accidentally discovered a new form of procrastination that is so much more effective than any known before."
  3. "We had a team-building event that ended up being a little too successful and we all got lost in the woods for a few days."
  4. "We had to halt development to complete a secret government mission to save the world from a rogue artificial intelligence."
  5. "The development team was kidnapped by a group of rogue unicorns, but don't worry, they're all safe and sound now."
  6. "We had to pause development to perform an emergency software upgrade on the office coffee machine."
  7. "We had to delay the feature because we were too busy perfecting our synchronizedoffice chair dancing routine."
  8. "We were attacked by a swarm of drones controlled by our rival company, but don't worry, we took them down with a well-placed cup of coffee."
  9. "We had to delay the feature because the team was too busy training for the annual office Olympics."
  10. "We had to delay the feature because we were busy working on a top-secret project to build a time machine to fix all our past delays."