Questions to uncover jobs-to-be done

ChatGPT Prompt

Assume I'm a Product Manager for a grocery delivery mobile app. It will be serving the Toronto GTA region only. I want to conduct some consumer research to figure out my consumer's jobs-to-be-done. What personas should I target and then what questions should I be asking them to elicit their job-to-be-done. Take inspiration from the book "Mom Test".
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

When conducting consumer research for your grocery delivery mobile app, it's important to target personas that are likely to use your app. For the Toronto GTA region, you may want to target busy working professionals, stay-at-home parents, and seniors who may have mobility issues.

To elicit the jobs-to-be-done, you should ask open-ended questions that encourage the participant to share their thoughts and experiences. Here are a few examples:

  • Can you tell me about a time when you needed to buy groceries but didn't want to go to the store?
  • How do you currently buy groceries (e.g. in-store, online, etc.)?
  • What do you like and dislike about your current grocery shopping experience?
  • What are the most important things you look for when buying groceries?
  • How do you decide which store to buy groceries from?
  • Can you walk me through your last grocery shopping experience?
  • Can you describe your ideal grocery shopping experience?

It's important to keep in mind that you should avoid asking leading questions that push the participant towards a specific answer. Instead, ask open-ended questions that allow them to share their own thoughts and experiences.