Telling a story about a product feature

ChatGPT Prompt

Act as the Product Manager for a meeting scheduling app that’s a direct competitor to Calendly. You’re launching a new feature that allows consultants to collect pre-payments at the time of scheduling a meeting. You want to excite your sales, marketing and customer success teams about this feature. You have to prepare a 10-slide presentation to announce this at the next townhall. Include a story using a persona: Casey the Career Coach. Use motivating, uplifting language.
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Example Output

Slide 1: Introduction

  • Introduce the new feature: the ability for consultants to collect pre-payments at the time of scheduling a meeting
  • Highlight the benefits of this feature for both the consultant and the meeting attendee

Slide 2: Meet Casey

  • Introduce the persona of Casey, a career coach who frequently schedules meetings with clients
  • Provide a brief background on Casey and her business

Slide 3: Casey's Challenges

  • Highlight some of the challenges Casey faces when scheduling meetings, such as missed payments and last-minute cancellations
  • Explain how the new feature addresses these challenges and provides solutions for Casey

Slide 4: How it Works

  • Show a demonstration of how the new feature works, including how Casey can set up pre-payment options for her meetings
  • Highlight the ease of use and convenience of the feature

Slide 5: Benefits for Casey

  • Outline the specific benefits of the new feature for Casey, such as increased revenue and improved client communication
  • Use statistics and data to support these benefits

Slide 6: Benefits for Attendees

  • Outline the benefits of the new feature for meeting attendees, such as improvedscheduling flexibility and clear payment expectations
  • Use customer feedback to support these benefits

Slide 7: Competitive Advantage

  • Compare the new feature to similar offerings from competitors, such as Calendly
  • Highlight the advantages of our app's feature, such as better pricing and more flexibility

Slide 8: Implementation and Rollout

  • Provide details on the implementation and rollout of the new feature, including a timeline and any necessary training
  • Assure the team that the process will be smooth and seamless

Slide 9: Next Steps

  • Outline the next steps for the sales, marketing, and customer success teams to promote and support the new feature
  • Encourage the team to get creative with their marketing and outreach strategies