Prompt Engineering

Coach: Generative AI & Prompt Engineering

Remote, US
August 30, 2023

✌️About the job

Here’s the problem: you can’t learn to ride a bike by watching someone else ride a bike. Yet this is how online learning has been built—watching someone else do something. It's boring. It's ineffective. And, employees everywhere are demanding more.

At Modal, we're reimagining how people learn on the job. We’re on a mission to help companies develop the critical skills employees want and need through personally curated learning paths. We’re building hands-on and immersive experiences that employees love through a mastery platform to help employees learn critical technical skills via live cohorts and engaging, collaborative projects they actually like.

Modal enables organizations to grow the technical skills of employees in data science, web development, and other technical roles. Our online learning experience focuses on teaching practical, on-the-job skills and providing real learning outcomes for employees at scale. Join us as we build a better way to learn skills at work.

This is a virtual, part time, flexible, contract position that you can do from anywhere in the US while working another full time job. For this position, Modal Coaches are asked to work anywhere from 5 - 15 hours per week (we currently have openings for a range of availability options), with Eastern Time availability. We ask that you commit 12 weeks total to this role, which includes the duration of the program (6-weeks), time for training and onboarding, and time for closing out the course with learners. This helps us ensure a consistent student experience from start to finish.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Gain expertise in Modal curriculums and be able to support learners through the content and activities
  • Answer questions from learners who are stuck, don’t understand the material, or need some extra support in the learning activities
  • Host weekly 1-1 office hour appointments with learners using Zoom to answer student questions and encourage them on their learning journey
  • Assess student project and activity submissions against a rubric
  • Provide constructive and actionable qualitative feedback that leads to deeper understanding and skill building, and uses a professional yet friendly, growth-mindset oriented tone
  • Moderate learner discussion boards (Slack), and foster conversation and analysis
  • [Optional, based on interest and fit] Lead and facilitate live, online learning sessions for learners, providing advanced instruction and practical application of skills


  • Expertise in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering, Data Science expertise a plus
  • Deep understanding of design principles and applications of AI across various industries
  • Proficiency with some or most of the following topics, skills, and technical tools in the course: Python, pandas, NumPy, DataFrames, Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization, comfort with statistical concepts (including including descriptive statistics, basic graphical representations of data, probability, and sampling distributions), and building supervised learning models
  • You have experience and use Python at work for real-life data-related tasks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to explain complex concepts in an accessible way to learners
  • Teaching or mentoring experience in the subject area or in a related subject area
  • You are empathetic and have excellent communication skills

The Details:

  • Type: Freelance/Contract (1099)
  • Location: Remote
  • Compensation: $75 per hour
  • Duration: 4 - 12 weeks (dependent on the course) plus 2 weeks before the course for required training
  • Commitment: Between 5-8 hours per week; we currently have openings for a range of availability options
  • Flexibility: This position can be done from anywhere in the US. It will be required that you are available for set times each week to host office hours during EST business friendly times and respond to learner questions via Slack and Zoom. However, responsibilities such as project evaluation can be done on a more flexible basis.
  • Required Training: All Modal Coaches will participate in a mandatory, virtual training and orientation. You will be compensated for this training time
  • Equipment Needed: Computer with internet access (fast enough for video calls)
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