Prompt Engineering

Copywriter/Prompt Engineer

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Full Time
October 23, 2023

✌️About the job

For our Rotterdam/Amsterdam office (both possible), we are looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious Copywriter/Prompt Engineer to join our Content Marketing team.As a Copywriter/Prompt Engineer, you know exactly how to create (and supervise the creation of) high-quality copy. You accomplish this by considering a myriad of factors: the content strategy, channel specifications, the customer journey, best practices, data, tone of voice, and an outside-in approach. Sounds like a lot of variables, but you are adept at performance-based, audience-first content creation. You’ve honed this skill over years of experience.For the past few months, you’ve been mastering the art of prompt engineering. Not only are you well-versed with the current generative AI tools and features, but you also stay abreast of new innovations. You often ponder: How can we implement novelties in our workflows? For what kind of projects can we suggest AI solutions to our clients? How much time can we save using a specific tool? You are one of the first to pitch ideas.We are a young company where the brightest minds work every day on a wide range of clients, such as Beiersdorf, Canva, and smart. We prefer to have the most talented experts on board, but we are also looking for the perfect DEPT®-fit. Someone who is not afraid to learn, inspire, and strive for a better world. Someone who looks ahead, dares to take the stage, and toasts to a successful week with us on Friday afternoon.For this role, we’re looking for someone who speaks and writes Dutch on a native level.


  • Are a graduate of an HBO/WO degree program;
  • Have multiple years of experience as a (content marketing) copywriter;
  • Have preferably gained experience at a (digital marketing) agency;
  • Know the possibilities and specifications of social media and other digital channels;
  • Experienced in SEO copywriting
  • Are a mentor for younger team members;
  • Can switch from serious to play in the blink of an eye;
  • Speak and write Dutch on a native level;
  • Speak and write English fluently;
  • Are analytical, flexible, and proactive;
  • Work independently, but also know when to involve others;
  • Are a real language nerd and spot every grammatical error.


  • An open culture;
  • The opportunity to do what you are good at and want to become good at;
  • Training and development opportunities;
  • A good salary with excellent fringe benefits;
  • The opportunity to work 4 days a week;
  • An NS Business Card;
  • Tasty and healthy food;
  • A bootcamp that costs nothing;
  • A laptop and a phone.


Hi, we are Dept - an international agency with over 1,000 experienced thinkers & doers. One agency where creativity, technology, and data come together. We help reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and organizations need.

Please submit your application in English.

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