Multimodal Generative AI Researcher

Helsinki, Finland
Full Time
October 1, 2023

✌️About the job

At Huawei Helsinki R&D center, we are currently looking for several talented Multimodal Generative AI Researcher(s), to research and develop next-generation multimodal generative AI technologies. You will join a close-knit team of highly accomplished researchers and research engineers to deliver cutting-edge technologies that impact millions of users. The responsibility involves designing, implementing, and optimizing multimodal AI models toward various impactful applicational domains, including but not limited to multimodal conversation, interaction, and content generation. As a member of this team, you will be tackling meaningful technical problems together with one of the world's most innovative product development teams. You will have the opportunity of transferring your deep understanding of the domain knowledge and your engineering skills into real solutions in the next generation Huawei products.



  • Ph.D. (or MSc with 4+ years’ experience) in Generative AI, Multimodal Machine Learning with Vision and Language
  • Experienced with at least one common DL framework, e.g., Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • Strong Expertise in at least one of the following areas: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Conversational AI
  • Solid Programming skills with Python
  • Fluent in English

Additional Skills/experiences (nice to have):

  • Experience working with large-scale dataset construction and model training
  • Proven records in top-tier publications, e.g., TPAMI, CVPR, ICCV, ACL, EMNLP, etc.
  • Experience in project management
  • Knowledge of Spanish or Arabic is a plus
  • Programming in C++ is a plus

Huawei is the leading provider of telecommunications equipment and mobile device in the world, with a strong focus on innovation. We have more than 43,600 employees engaged in R&D and have established 17 research institutes in countries including the U.S., Finland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China to ensure global R&D with outstanding people. We have set up over 20 joint innovation centers with top operators to transform leading technologies into a competitive edge for customers and achieve business success.

We offer a position in a forward-looking industrial research team with a solid track record in both innovation and publication, as well as delivering its result as factual contributions to on-the-market devices. Working at Huawei in an international atmosphere is fun, and the opportunity to develop your skills and competencies is endless. Are you ready for the challenge?

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